Chemical and physical properties of fats produced by chemical interesterification of tallow with vegetable oils




Chemical interesterification, Chemical properties, Physical properties, Tallow, Vegetable oils


This study aims at manufacturing structured lipids by chemical interesterification (CI) of beef tallow with corn, canola and safflower oils individually at various tallow blend ratios (60, 70, 80%) and catalyst concentrations (0.75, 0.875, 1%). Several physical and chemical properties of interesterified products were determined and data were analyzed using univariate and multivariate statistical techniques. Interesterified lipids were more spreadable and showed plastic behavior due to their lower consistency and solid fat contents. Decreases in melting points to a temperature range of 26.5-45.5 °C regardless of oil type were observed. Interesterified fats displayed mostly β and β+β crystal forms. The CI of tallow did not result in the formation of significant amounts of trans-fatty acids. Samples interesterified with corn oil had lower free fatty acid contents (1.87-3.9%) and higher oxidation induction times (3.82-12.25h) than other lipids. Therefore, fats containing corn oil-tallow could be used in the baking industry due to their potentially good aeration properties and smooth texture.


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