Phenomenological model for the prediction of Moringa oleifera extracted oil using a laboratory Soxhlet apparatus




ANOVA, Effective diffusivity, Kinetics, Moringa oleifera seed oil, Phenomenological model, Soxhlet extraction


Moringa oleifera is an oilseed crop with poten­tial for biodiesel production. The second step in this process is the extraction of oil. Extraction in hot water, with a Soxhlet apparatus and the ultrasound technique are the most commonly used methods. The aim of the present work was to obtain a phenomenological model for the Moringa oleifera oil extraction process using Soxhlet. Effective diffusivity for Moringa oil through the kernels is obtained, using the kinetics of the extraction process (experimentally determined) and the Fick’s diffusion second law for non-steady state. The value of 0.685·10-12 m2/s fully matched reports on effective diffusion coefficient for other solids. It was also verified from the statistical analysis and a linear fit for experimental data that the model can be used to describe the oil extraction process of Moringa oleifera in the Soxhlet extractor, responding to the diffusive phenomenon (process controlled by internal resistance).


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