Solvent-free synthesis of oleic acid-based wax esters using recyclable acidic deep eutectic solvent




Liquid wax esters, Esterification, Deep eutectic solvents, Solvent-free, p-toluenesulfonic acid


Wax esters have been widely used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Oleic acid wax esters can be used to replace spermaceti oil or jojoba oil. In this work, the acidic deep eutectic solvent (DES) composed of choline chloride and p-toluenesulfonic acid (1:4, mol/mol) was used as an efficient recyclable catalyst for the synthesis of oleic acid-based liquid wax esters through an esterification reaction. The esterification conversion of cetyl alcohol reached 99.1% under the following optimal reaction conditions: 5% DES as catalyst, molar ratio of fatty acid to alcohol of 1.3:1 and reaction temperature of 70 oC for 3h. The catalyst recovery experiments showed that this low-price acidic DES catalyst could be reused five times with uniform activity. Moreover, DES-catalyzed solvent-free esterification could be applied in the preparation of other oleic acid-based wax esters and excellent conversions (> 96%) could be obtained under such mild conditions.


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