A novel bleaching approach: Microwave assisted sunflower oil bleaching and optimization





Bleaching, Bleaching efficiency, Microwave, Optimization, Sunflower seed oil


The factors affecting the microwave bleaching of sunflower oil and the interaction between them were investigated and optimized by response surface methodology using a three-factor five-level central composite rotatable design. Microwave power, time and the amount of bleaching clay were selected as independent variables studied in the range of 70-120 W, 2-15 min, and 0.01-0.5%. The dependent variables that measure the bleaching efficiency and oil quality were evaluated as hue angle, chroma and totox value. Optimization was carried out by minimizing totox and chroma and maximizing hue angle. Hue angle, chroma and totox were found as 96.91, 37.66 and 23.31 under optimal conditions. Optimal microwave bleaching was successfully performed by using less bleaching clay (0.4%) and a shorter time (8 min) compared to the current industrial application without any adverse effect on oil quality. Hence, microwave bleaching is thought to be an alternative method for the bleaching of edible oils.


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