Vol 63, No 4 (2012)


Table of Contents


The oleic acid esterification of policosanol increases its bioavailability and hypocholesterolemic action in rats
D. Haim, A. Valenzuela, M. C. Brañes, M. Fuenzalida, L. A. Videla
Detection of argan oil adulterated with vegetable oils: new markers
I. Ourrach, M. Rada, M. C. Pérez-Camino, M. Benaissa, Á. Guinda
Characterization of seed oils from different varieties of watermelon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.)] from Pakistan
S. Raziq, F. Anwar, Z. Mahmood, S. A. Shahid, R. Nadeem
Cholesterol metabolism: increasingly complex
J. Sanhueza, R. Valenzuela, A. Valenzuela
Evaluation of cadmium, lead, copper, iron and zinc in Turkish dietary vegetable oils and olives using electrothermal and flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Orhan Acar
Preparation and evaluation of functional foods in adjuvant arthritis
S. Y. Al-Okbi, D. A. Mohamed
Influence of fruit maturation process on the sensory quality of virgin olive oils from Picual, Hojiblanca and Picudo cultivars
B. Jiménez Herrera, A. Rivas Velasco, A. Sánchez-Ortiz, M. L. Lorenzo Tovar, M. Úbeda Muñoz, R. M. Callejón, E. Ortega Bernaldo de Quirós
Physalis peruviana pomace suppresses highcholesterol diet-induced hypercholesterolemia in rats
M. F. Ramadan
Evaluation of the oil Produced from lettuce crop cultivated under three irrigation conditions
M. Hassan El-Mallah, S. M. El-Shami
Analysis of volatile compounds from Iberian hams: a review
M. Narváez-Rivas, E. Gallardo, M. León-Camacho
Physicochemical studies on sunflower oil blended with cold pressed tiger nut oil during deep frying process
F. M. Ali Rehab, A. M. El Anany
Physicochemical characteristics of ozonated sunflower oils obtained by different procedures
M. F. Díaz, Y. Sánchez, M. Gómez, F. Hernández, M. C. da C. Veloso, P. A. de P. Pereira, A. S. Mangrich, J. B. de Andrade
Real time continuous oxygen concentration monitoring system during malaxation for the production of Virgin Olive Oil
G. Aiello, P. Catania, M. Enea, G. La Scalia, F. Pipitone, M. Vallone