Analysis of volatile compounds from Iberian hams: a review


  • M. Narváez-Rivas Food Characterization and Quality Department. Instituto de la Grasa (C.S.I.C.)
  • E. Gallardo Food Characterization and Quality Department. Instituto de la Grasa (C.S.I.C.)
  • M. León-Camacho Food Characterization and Quality Department. Instituto de la Grasa (C.S.I.C.)



Dry-cured Process, Gas Chromatography, Hams, Iberian Pigs, Review, Volatile compounds


This article provides information on the study of the volatile compounds in raw and dry-cured Iberian hams. Different volatile compounds are identified and studies carried out by different authors are presented. This article reviews the analytical methods that have been used to determine the different volatiles of these samples. Furthermore, all volatile compounds identified (a total of 411 volatiles) have been collected in several tables according to different series of compounds: hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, esters and ethers, lactones, terpenes and chloride compounds, nitrogenous compounds, sulfur compounds and carboxylic acids. This review can be useful in subsequent research due to the complexity of the study.


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