Vol 70, No 3 (2019)


Table of Contents


Nutritional composition and antioxidant activity of different walnut varieties (Juglans regia L.) from Nerpio (Spain) in comparison to commercial varieties
I. Viera-Alcaide, A. Hamdi, A. Jiménez-Araujo, R. Rodríguez-Arcos, J. A. Espejo-Calvo, R. Guillén-Bejarano
Composition and tocopherol, fatty acid, and phytosterol contents in micro-endosperm ultra-high oil corn
Q. Li, X. Tang, S. Lu, J. Wu
Fatty acid and lipophilic vitamin composition of seaweeds from Antalya and Çanakkale (Turkey)
F. Caf, N. Şen Özdemir, Ö. Yılmaz, F. Durucan, İ. Ak
Establishment of an aqueous method for extracting soybean oils assisted by adding free oil
J. Tu, W. Wu
Characterization of lignocellulosic composition and residual lipids in empty fruit bunches from palm oil processing
M. P.C. Volpi, R. G. Bastos, A. P.R. Badan, M. H.A. Santana, V. S. Santos
Effect of pollen sources on yield oil extraction and fatty acid profile of the date seed (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cultivar Medjool from Mexico
C. García-González, R. Salomón-Torres, G. Montero-Alpírez, D. Chávez-Velasco, N. Ortiz-Uribe, N. S. Ruiz-Ortiz, M. A. Coronado-Ortega, M. A. Curiel-Alvarez
Column chromatography as a method for minor components removal from rapeseed oil
E. Rokosik, K. Dwiecki, M. Rudzińska, A. Siger, K. Polewski
Composition and characterization by GC-MS of the essential oil extracted from Nicotiana glauca Graham
A. Cherif, S. Ammar, S. Boukhchina
A new mathematical model for the viscosity of vegetable oils based on freely sliding molecules
I. Stanciu
Examination of the changes in components of the volatile oil from Abyssinian sage, Musk sage and Medical sage [Salvia aethiopis L., Salvia sclarea L. and Salvia officinalis L. (hybrid)] growing in different locations
H. B. Karayel, M. Akçura
Textural properties, sensory acceptance and fatty acid profile of cooked meat batters employing pumpkin seed paste or soybean oil oleogel as fat replacers
B. M. Ferrer-González, I. García-Martínez, A. Totosaus
Quantitative analysis of fatty acids in Prosopis laevigata flour
M. Cruz-Gracida, S. Siles-Alvarado, L. L. Méndez-Lagunas, S. Sandoval-Torres, J. Rodríguez-Ramírez, G. Barriada-Bernal


Compositional Data Analysis in Practice, by Michael Greenacre. CRC Press. Taylor & Francis Group. Boca Raton (FL, USA), 2018. XIV+121 pages.-ISBN 978-1-138-31661-4 (Hardback), ISBN 978-1-138-31661-0 (Paperback)
A. Garrido Fernández