The utilization of discarded oil from potato chip factories in toilet soap making


  • Adel Y. Girgis Oils and Fats Res. Dept., Food Tech. Res. Institute, Agriculture Res. Center



Discarded palm oil, Inedible tallow, Palm kernel oil, Toilet soap manufacture


Palm oil that was discarded as waste from chip factories after the frying of potatoes was used for the production of toilet soap. The discarded oil was purified with a brine solution and bleached with H2O2 . Purified bleached discarded palm oil (P.B.D.P.O.) was mixed with two materials commonly used in toilet soap manufacturing, i.e., inedible tallow (I.T.) and palm kernel oil (P.K.O.) at different ratios for the preparation of toilet soap. The data revealed that using P.B.D.P.O. up to 30 % as a substitute for I.T. produced fine toilet soaps from the view point of; hard consistency, soft surface, good hand lather preference and medium erosion from hand washing. The soap samples containing more than 30 % P.B.D.P.O. as a substitute for I. T. gave bad quality. After the storage of soap samples for 6 months at room temperature, significant improvements in the physical properties of the soap samples at different ratios were found. It could be recommended that discarded palm oil from chip frying factories can be used after purification and bleaching in place of inedible tallow up to 30 % to produce a fine toilet soap.


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