Grasas y Aceites, Vol 49, No 5-6 (1998)

Effect of interesterification on glyceride structure

Y. El-Shattory
Fats and Oils Dept., National Research Centre, Egypt

Saadia M. Aly
Fats and Oils Dept., National Research Centre, Egypt


Interesterification process on soybean oil - oleic acid (2:1 w/w) was carried out under different concentration of nickel catalyst (0.4 and 0.6%), at temperature 90°C and stirring for 4 hours. The hydrolysis of individual glyceride structure was done using pancreatic lipase to obtain 2-monoglycerides. Calculation was recorded to determine the glyceride structure of the interesterified soybean oil.


Glyceride (structure); Interesterification; NickelOleic acid; Soybean oil.

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