Vol 67, No 4 (2016)


Table of Contents

I Annual Workshop INSA-UB “The Universe of the Olive Oil” held in the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus of the University of Barcelona, Spain, 11th November 2015
S. Vichi, J. J. Moreno


A neuroimaging study of pleasant and unpleasant olfactory perceptions of virgin olive oil
J. Vivancos, N. Tena, M. T. Morales, R. Aparicio, D. L. García-González
Extra-virgin olive oil and its phenolic extract prevent inflammatory response and joint damage in murine experimental arthritis
M. A. Rosillo, M. Sánchez-Hidalgo, C. Alarcón-de-la-Lastra
Effect of extra virgin olive oil components on the arachidonic acid cascade, colorectal cancer and colon cancer cell proliferation
C. E. Storniolo, J. J. Moreno
Official quality controls and the fight against fraud in the olive oil sector in Catalonia. Results 2011–2014
G. Cugat, M. R. Biel
Cardiovascular risk protection from the Mediterranean diet and olive oil. A transcriptomic update in humans
S. Carrión, L. Torres, O. Castañer
Effect of Thymus vulgaris and Bunium persicum essential oils on the oxidative stability of virgin olive oil
M. Keramat, M. T. Golmakani
Fatty acid composition of the pollen lipids of Cycas revoluta Thunb
R. A. Sidorov, E. I. Kuznetsova, V. P. Pchelkin, A. V. Zhukov, E. N. Gorshkova, V. D. Tsydendambaev
The antisense expression of AhPEPC1 increases seed oil production in peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.)
L. Pan, J. Zhang, X. Chi, N. Chen, M. Chen, M. Wang, T. Wang, Z. Yang, Z. Zhang, Y. Wan, S. Yu, F. Liu
Impact of microwave pre-treatment on the batch anaerobic digestion of two-phase olive mill solid residue: a kinetic approach
B. Rincón, M. González de Canales, A. Martín, R. Borja
Study of volatile alcohols and esters from the subcutaneous fat during ripening of Iberian dry-cured ham. A tool for predicting the dry-curing time
M. Narváez-Rivas, E. Gallardo, M. León-Camacho
Multivariate analysis of seasonal variation in the composition and thermal properties of butterfat with an emphasis on authenticity assessment
J. Tomaszewska-Gras
Enzymatic preparation and characterization of soybean lecithin-based emulsifiers
R. C. Reddy Jala, B. Chen, H. Li, Y. Zhang, L-Z Cheong, T. Yang, X. Xu
Markers of quality and genuineness of commercial extra virgin sacha inchi oils
N. A. Chasquibol, R. B. Gómez-Coca, J. C. Yácono, Á. Guinda, W. Moreda, C. del Aguila, M. C. Pérez-Camino


Manual de charcutería artesanal.– T. Malmertoft.– Editorial Acribia, Zaragoza, España, 2016.– XI + 135 páginas.– ISBN 978-84-200-1171-4.
F. J. Hidalgo