Antioxidant potential of extracts from different agro wastes: Stabilization of corn oil


  • Bushra Sultana Department of Chemistry, University of Agriculture
  • Farooq Anwar Department of Chemistry, University of Agriculture
  • Muhammad Rafique Asi Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (NIAB)
  • Shahzad Ali Shahid Chatha Department of Chemistry, University of Agriculture



Corn oil, DPPH radical, Extraction, Flavonols, HPLC, Inhibition(%), Oxidation parameters, Total phenolics and flavonoids.


The antioxidant potential of 80% methanolic extracts of some agro wastes (pomegranate peel, apple peel, banana peel, citrus peel, corncob, wheat husk, wheat bran, rice bran, and rice hull) was assessed. The yields of the extracts varied over a wide range (8.83 to 29.9 g/100g of dry weight). TPC, TFC, total flavonols (kaempeferol, quercetin, myricetin; HPLC method), DPPH. radical scavenging and inhibition of linoleic acid peroxidation for the extracts varied significantly (P < 0.05) ranging from 0.16-36.40, 0.026-4.89 g/100g of dry matter, 1.06-2622.41 mg/Kg of dry matter, 11.2-52.6, and 64.8-96.4%, respectively. Pomegranate peel extract, offering the highest TPC, TFC, and total flavonols exhibited superior antioxidant activity followed by apple peel, citrus peel, banana peel, corncob, wheat bran, rice bran, wheat husk, and rice hull. Furthermore, the antioxidant effectiveness of the extracts was assessed using corn oil (CO) as the oxidation substrate. CO samples stabilized with extracts at a concentration of 600 ppm (w/w) were subjected to accelerated aging (60 ºC, oven heating, 30 days; 8 h heating cycle per day), and analyzed periodically for the extent of oxidative alterations following the measurement of conjugated dienes (CD), conjugated trienes (CT), p-anisidine and peroxide values. The correlation between the results of different antioxidant assays and oxidation parameters investigated in the present study indicated that fruit peel extracts, exhibiting higher TPC, TFC, flavonol and scavenging power, were also more potent for enhancing the oxidative stability of corn oil.


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