Cold-pressed milk thistle seed oil: physico-chemical properties, composition and sensory analysis




Cold press, Milk thistle seed, Oil, Quality, Sensory


Cold pressed oil was produced from milk thistle seeds, and its composition and sensorial properties were determined. The seeds were found to contain 14.98% oil, 17.31% protein and 4.14% ash. The peroxide value of the oil (11.39 meqO2/kg oil) was within acceptable limits according to codex, but the free fatty acidity value (3.45%) exceeded the limit. The oil melted at -20.18 °C and crystallized at -3.71 °C. Linoleic acid (51.97%), β-sitosterol (67.56 mg/100 g oil) and γ-tocopherol (53.60 mg/kg oil) were determined as the main components, respectively. Six sensory descriptive terms (sweet, spicy, raw vegetable, straw, roasted and throat-catching) were described for the oil. Consumer tests proved that cold-pressed milk thistle seed oil had intermediate acceptance scores and consumer satisfaction was moderate. In conclusion, it is thought that milk thistle seeds could be used for the production of edible gourmet oil. Further studies regarding the composition of the bio-active molecules in the oil are anticipated.


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