Review of the levels of trans fatty acids reported in different food products


  • V. Griguol Área de Nutrición y Bromatología. Facultad de Farmacia
  • M. León-Camacho Instituto de la Grasa. CSIC.
  • I. M. Vicario Área de Nutrición y Bromatología. Facultad de Farmacia



Bakery, Food product, Margarine, Trans fatty acids


In this paper a comprehensive review of trans-fatty acid levels reported in different types of food products is offered. The lowest levels are found in some types of bread (0,1%) while the highest levels (up to 40%) are found in fried potatoes. Some foods like shortenings, cakes and pastries may have up to 30% of these fatty acids. In milk and dairy products the reported levels are between 1.50% and 5.20%, in meat and derived products between 0.20% and 21,30%; in chocolates from 0% to 15, 70%. The greatest variability is found in margarines, where a variety has been reported from “trans-free products” to products containing up to 34. 30%. In relation to the trans-fatty acid profile, 18:1t is the most abundant fatty acid found in the majority of foods, followed by C18:2t, C18:3t, C18:1t y C14:1t. Due to the negative health effects of these fatty acids, there is a trend to reduce their levels in food products and to include them in the nutritional label of food packaging.


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