Grasas y Aceites, Vol 54, No 4 (2003)

Improvement of protein extraction from sunflower meal by hydrolysis with alcalase

M. M. Yust
Instituto de la Grasa, CSIC, Spain

J. Pedroche
Instituto de la Grasa, CSIC, Spain

C. Megías
Instituto de la Grasa, CSIC, Spain

J. Girón-Calle
Instituto de la Grasa, CSIC, Spain

M. Alaiz
Instituto de la Grasa, CSIC, Spain

F. Millán
Instituto de la Grasa, CSIC, Spain

J. Vioque
Instituto de la Grasa, CSIC, Spain


Extraction of proteins from defatted sunflower meal has been improved by addition of the protease alcalase during alkaline extraction. This method offers several additional advantages as compared to the traditional alkaline extraction without alcalase, which is usually carried out after a sedimentation/flotation step to remove the lignocellulosic fraction. As compared to extraction without alcalase, addition of 0.1% (v/v) alcalase improved the yield of protein extraction from 57.5% to 87.4%, providing an extract that is 22% hydrolyzed. In addition, an increment of up to 4.5 times in protein solubility at low pH values is achieved, which correlates with the degree of hydrolysis. The extracts that were obtained in the presence of alcalase had a higher proline and glycine content, suggesting that the protease improves extraction of proline-rich and glycine-rich cell wall proteins that are part of the lignocellulosic fraction. These protein extracts can be directly dried without generation of wastewater, and the resulting fiber-rich material could be used for animal feeding.


Alcalase; Protease; Protein extraction; Protein hydrolysates; Sunflower meal

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